Joséphine Cambier was born in France and raised as a designer in a Paris art school. After moving to Amsterdam to discover Dutch Design she fell in love with its digital form. And with a Danish guy called Morten. Which led to the fact she now goes by the name Broesby-Olsen. Needless to say, an inclusive and multicultural outlook on design is her first nature. Besides that Josephine is experienced in finding the stories behind brands and bringing them to life. As she did successfully for organisations such as The National Theatre and the multiple award winning branding and website of The Ocean Cleanup. 

Josephine’s philosophy about good design is that it emerges when designers are able to drop their ego at the door when they enter the realm of creation. One of her great achievements in design is finding out the intrinsic similarities between design and karaoke. A discovery she sometimes shares in selected audiences with a dashing keynote. Supertip: try to get into that audience!